Company Policies

With over ten years of experience in the industry, we have created a very strong and extremely effective management structure in all areas of our services.

To provide professional service by continuously evaluating current standards and procedures and modifying them a required. To provide economical service by finding new ways to cut our operational costs and pass on the savings made to our valued clients in the form of lower rates. To provide flexible services by modifying our operation according to the changing demands of our clients and training our staff accordingly To provide reliable service by retaining our high-quality management and employees, offering those competitive salaries and good benefits as well as a career development plan within the company.

We offer a breadth of experience that is unmatched in the commercial security industry. With a history dating to 2009, we trace our beginning to the roots of the Kathmandu valley.


Our Staff

The work force consists of experienced personnel in all security management operations. The operations division is composed of staff who were trained in the highest standards in the military and the Police, as such they are very skilful in their performance and their services will be invaluable to suit the present day industrial needs.

Personal Body Guards

We also provides well trained ex-military officers as personal body guards and to cater for close protection assignments.

Events Security Management

We ensure that your events are not only run safely, but with a peace of mind with a team of operationally ready Events and Crowd Control Specialised officers.

Security Training

Grateful Security Service provides Security Training services specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

Close Protection

Our experienced close protection security teams are trained to maintain the highest of professional standards and blend inconspicuously into our clients’ lives, be it personal/professional enabling them to conduct their business in confidence. We protect individuals, businesses and private homes from all sorts of risks and threats.

Training Video